Our first step…

Sarah and I (Simon), have been thinking about taking some time out of the day-to-day rat race for some time now.
We hadn’t really thought about where we would go, or how long we would go for, only that we needed to take some time out.

Initially, we considered taking a sabbatical or career break. However, we both still had an itch for spending several months travelling, and we really needed to scratch it. We had come to realise that life is too short, and that, living within our means, we should live our life for the moment and have no regrets.

On 2nd November 2008 we made our first steps towards planning an extended trip to Australia. Ultimately, this will mean that we will sell, or possibly rent, our house to fund the trip, and we will have to investigate the likelihood of our employers granting extended leave for us both.

Having made the decision to hire a Migration Agent to help us with the planning of our trip, we attended a free seminar, at a hotel near Heathrow, with a company called ThinkingAustralia. The seminar was very informative, and we headed home to think about whether our hopes and dreams could become a reality…


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