Getting the ball rolling.

On the 12th November, Simon completed an online migration assessment, based on his work experience here in the UK, and was invited back to Heathrow on 22nd November to discuss the outcome of the assessment with the CEO of ThinkingAustralia, Darrell Todd – a typical “Aussie Bastard”, which roughly translates to “fantastic, patriotic guy, fuelled by contagious enthusiasm, and a love for life down under”. We have, perhaps, never met a nicer bloke!

Whilst discussing Simon’s background, Darrell picked up on my (Sarah’s) experience with computers. He became visibly excited and informed us that with the skills I possess, which are highly sought after in Australia, we would have no problem obtaining a visa.

On 7th March we spoke to Darrell’s migration expert, Sandy, in more detail about our application, so that she could go away and start the lengthy application process for us.

We have been investigating the possibility of our employers supporting our career breaks. My employer has no “career break policy”, and whilst Simon’s employer does, he has become totally disillusioned with life in his current role and has made the decision that he will resign from his current post prior to us leaving on our travels. Life in a “corporate” environment does not make him happy, and he would prefer to be working as a chef, not a recruiter.

Sarah then had to provide endless amounts of copies of certificates and authorised skills-based assessments, so that the Australians could confirm that she did have the skills that they were looking for. By the 23rd September 2009, we were ready to lodge our application. So we did…