Early in the new year we both had to complete very in-depth medicals and police background checks. We were pleased to hear that our background checks were clear, and then had to wait to hear the outcome of our medicals.

Around this time, I (Simon) learned that I was at risk of redundancy. In fact, I have now received confirmation that my position within the company has been made redundant, and that I leave the company in May. Whilst this has, perhaps, come a little too early (six months or so), we cannot grumble. My employer has paid me to leave the company, even though I had planned to do so later in the year. Fantastic!

Today, 2nd March 2010, we have been granted a Skilled Independent (Migrant) 175 visa, which is the best type of visa that can be obtained in terms of our entitlement to education, healthcare, etc. Also, given the type of visa, there are no time constraints in terms of how long we can actually stay in Australia. Many visas need renewing every 12 months or so. Whilst our visa does need renewing every 5 years, it is, effectively, a permanent visa.

Our dream has now become a reality. Now we actually have to start planning our trip, so we will need to build on our idea of “doing a bit of travelling and then maybe settling down for a year or so…”


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