Nearly one week in…

Doesn’t time fly when you’re having fun?! Can’t believe that we left home a week ago tomorrow…

The hostel at The Rocks was excellent! It is only 6 months old and we would highly recommend it, although it was too expensive to stay here for long.

We are now staying at O’Malleys in Kings Cross, Sydney. The area is interesting – we saw a “lady” being picked up at 7am this morning, and there are cockatoos outside that tap on the window opposite until they get fed their breakfast. Drinks at O’Malley’s are much more affordable – a pitcher of beer costing $8!

We have done a FREE walking tour around Sydney, which was excellent, and we had a good wander around the night market in The Rocks on Friday night.

We leave O’Malleys on Tuesday and are moving to the YHA hostel in Glebe for three nights, which is in the leftfield, bohemian part of town. We have then booked to stay at a YHA in Port Stephens, for five nights, which is up the coast and set in rainforest gardens.

Yesterday we think we found the campervan that we will buy. Even though we haven’t seen it yet! We’ll keep you posted, but we hope to be van owners within a couple of weeks.

Thanks again for all your comments and messages on the blog – please keep them coming, we love them! Also, please keep an eye out for new releases from Pickle Productions and, again, keep the feedback coming. We’ve also had a number of Skype conversations with family and friends now, which we have thoroughly enjoyed (even when they’ve been sat infront of the webcam wearing your PJs!!) – we’re talking to you more now than we ever used to back in the UK!!

We will try and update you again soon. We’re off out for dinner now with Simon’s distant cousin, Liz Illingworth, who lives in Syndey with her boyfriend. Gotta dash, we have a harbour ferry to catch!

Lots of love to you all, S & S xx

Just a quick one.

Hi guys,

Just a quick one to say that the movie production team have arrived, and will be following our progress around town… 😉

Please let us know what you think…

Lots of love xx

PS – Thanks to everyone for their notes, private messages, emails and Skype calls. We’re still trying to get to grips with the functionality of this website, but will be back in touch with you all.

Day one. Awesome!

We’ve arrived! All safe and well.

The flight was a breeze – no, it really was! We ate dinner soon after departure and then we both slept for the rest of the first leg of the journey (~12 hours). We had to leave the plane for an hour or so at Bangkok airport, had an awesome thai lamb curry for dinner once we were in the air again, and then watched Inception, Salt and Toy Story 3, before sleeping a bit more. The second leg of the flight was about 8 hours.

When we arrived in Sydney, the sun was shining, the sky was blue and the temperature was already 20 degrees. And it was only 6.30am! The airline, Qantas, was excellent, the airport very efficient (put Heathrow to shame!), the hostel is fantastic, and the harbour is amazing! We think we’re going to like this place.

We have done an open top bus tour around Sydney this afternoon, and loved the $million properties in North Bondi and Rose Bay that overlook Sydney harbour. We’ll keep on dreaming on that front… On a more positive note, we have started to add some colour to our sickly white skin =)

Sydney Harbour, by the way, is the most amazing place! Every now and then, whilst walking down the narrow lanes in The Rocks, the Harbour Bridge would appear through a gap between buildings and it would be like, ‘Oh hello, I forgot that you lived here!’. I have a feeling that we will never grow tired of this! And the Opera House… when we walked around the corner and saw it for the first time, it was simply amazing!

Tomorrow we have an appointment with the bank, then we need to sort out SIM cards for our mobile phones, and we’ll probably kick back in one of the many gorgeous (and green!) parks with a picnic for lunch. No joy with the campervan hunt yet, although there is a 4×4 for sale on the noticeboard in the hostel – looks excellent, but is more of a jeep than a home. Sarah fancies “flushing”, as opposed to “digging”, so we’ll probably give this one a miss. In the mean time, we will look to book more hostel accommodation – perhaps out of the centre of town, on the beach…

Just in case we haven’t made it clear – we’re having a great time! The only downer, if we can call it that, is the cost of food and drink. $12 (~£8-10) for an OJ and a pint of beer, for instance. Perhaps this is to be expected though, being in the State capital. We anticipate that things will be cheaper once we head out of Sydney, but also when we explore the more “backpacker” parts of town. Our hostel is situated next door to the Shangri-La hotel ($500 per night), and next door but one to the Four Seasons hotel, so we have very affluent neighbours!

We’re feeling the jet lag now, and having managed to refrain from having an afternoon nap, we can’t wait to hit the sack tonight. We’re planning to eat at the hotel next door and intend to try out their famous Kangaroo and Emu pizza! And a salad, for Sarah, of course…

Love to everyone back at home. Speak soon xx


Oh my god, we emigrate tomorrow!

We have had a lovely weekend, saying goodbye to family and friends, and tomorrow we leave the cold, wind and rain for sunnier climes…

Much to Sarah’s relief, Simon’s driving licence arrived in the post today. It was submitted to the Police about a month ago so that 3 speeding points could be added, and it was looking increasingly likely that it would not be returned to us before we left the UK, which would have caused a bit of headache. Anyway, no problem. In other news, we sold our car today! =)

There will be a few more goodbyes in the morning, as well as finishing packing our backpacks. Then, onto the airport.

Lots of love to you all, and we’ll speak to you on the other side… xx

PS – we have not been receiving any Skype requests that we know have been sent to us. If you have tried adding us, but we are not showing in your list of contacts, please drop us a line with details of your Skype user name so that we can add you from our end.

At long last!

Today we completed the sale of our house, and we are now, finally, in a position to fly to Australia to begin our adventure.

We now fly to Sydney on 22nd November, landing on the 24th (!!), and we have arranged to stay at the Sydney Harbour YHA hostel for three nights, which is located in The Rocks area of Sydney and overlooks the Opera House, Darling Harbour and the Harbour Bridge!

How's this for a view?! This is the hostel where we will be staying when we arrive in Sydney.

Our plan is to purchase the campervan during these first few days, but we may need to extend our stay at the hostel, or stay elsewhere, until we are able to find what we are looking for. We expect to stay in / around Sydney during December, spending Christmas on the beach and NYE in the Harbour, before hitting the road and heading south in January.

Counting down the days… 13 more sleeps!