Oh my god, we emigrate tomorrow!

We have had a lovely weekend, saying goodbye to family and friends, and tomorrow we leave the cold, wind and rain for sunnier climes…

Much to Sarah’s relief, Simon’s driving licence arrived in the post today. It was submitted to the Police about a month ago so that 3 speeding points could be added, and it was looking increasingly likely that it would not be returned to us before we left the UK, which would have caused a bit of headache. Anyway, no problem. In other news, we sold our car today! =)

There will be a few more goodbyes in the morning, as well as finishing packing our backpacks. Then, onto the airport.

Lots of love to you all, and we’ll speak to you on the other side… xx

PS – we have not been receiving any Skype requests that we know have been sent to us. If you have tried adding us, but we are not showing in your list of contacts, please drop us a line with details of your Skype user name so that we can add you from our end.


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