Greetings from Port Stephens.

Hello all,

We hope you are well. We are still enjoying our time in Sydney.

Last time we left you, we were dashing to catch a ferry to the north side of Sydney Harbour for our bbq with Liz and her partner, Lee. You may recall that the weather had been a bit ropey, so the sea was very choppy – much to Sarah’s disgust! We had a great time at their beautiful home, which has fantastic views of the harbour. We had our first experience of eating kangaroo, which is very much like venison, and we munched away whilst listening to the kookaburras, and watching the bats flying around once the sun had gone down. Liz works in one of the tallest buildings in the city, and has offered a trip to the top floor so that we can enjoy the view. Now we just need to wait for the sun to come out again… Liz and Lee were excellent hosts and we look forward to spending more time with them.

After our short stay in Kings Cross, we enjoyed three nights at the YHA in Glebe. It is a quiet suburb, with some lovely cafes and restaurants. Sarah highly recommends the porridge at the Egg & Soldier, which was our favourite breakfast haunt. I, on the other hand, can recommend ‘The Breakfast Of Champions’! The hostel was nice, although the shared bathroom came as a bit of a surprise… As the weather was bad during our stay in Glebe, we spent most of our time chilling out indoors, and under canopies outside the cafes.

Whilst in Glebe, we did a tour of Sydney Fish Market, which is the biggest fish market in the southern hemisphere, and the second largest in the world, after Tokyo. So that we were able to experience the auction-side of the market, we had to be at the market by 7am, so the early start was a bit of a shock! Sarah did not enjoy walking around the ‘abattoir’, looking at dead bodies – let alone eating them. However, Simon had a great time, and tucked into fish and chips for breakfast at 8.30!

We arrived in Port Stephens yesterday (Friday), following a 4-hour journey north of Sydney on train and bus. We are staying at Samurai Beach Bungalows YHA and it is beautiful! We have a private bungalow, with bathroom, for the next 5 days, and we share the communal bush kitchen (think I’m A Celebrity…) with the Germans! The hostel is located in the centre of Koala Corridor so we are hoping to catch our first glimpse of our furry friends. Apparently it’s illegal to touch koalas in New South Wales (NSW), so we will have to wait to hold one until we move out of NSW in the new year. Port Stephens is a region that is well known for the whales and dolphins that live in it’s blue waters, as well as the enormous sand dunes. We are planning to spend some time spotting the sea life, as well as surfing on the sand dunes. It would also be nice to dip our toes in the sea, as we have not yet done so and we have been here two weeks!!

Next week we are returning to Sydney, and to O’Malleys at Kings Cross. We spoke to our campervan man a couple of days ago and he explained that we should be able to view it when we return from Port Stephens. All being well, we should be driving it away by the following week. Again, watch this space…

We are receiving your comments and messages through this blog, and we are responding to you guys – we just don’t know if our responses come straight to you, or if they are posted in the general comments section… We aren’t ignoring you all!

Due to popular demand (!!), we have uploaded some photos to our poms-down-under Flickr account, which you can access by clicking here. Feel free to leave comments, either here on the blog, or on the Flickr page. We are working on the next release from Pickle Productions, and will post the link on here once it is complete.


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