We cheated!

Hello all!

We have been enjoying the beautiful weather here in Sydney and certainly have not missed the rain that greeted us on our arrival in Australia. However, this last week, the temperature hit 46 degrees at our campsite, followed by 33 degrees at 3am the following morning!

Now, don’t get us wrong, we love our van. But… Trying to sleep in a metal box, that is barely big enough for the two of us, is difficult at the best of times. So when that little box becomes an oven in the middle of the night, with three separate fans running – each blowing hot air over you – sleeping becomes impossible! 4 hours sleep over two nights is a fantastic result really, but still not much fun.

So, we treated ourselves to the luxury of an air conditioned room at a Bed & Breakfast for a couple of nights. Now we have recharged our batteries and are back in the van tonight. There is a lovely breeze coming off the sea, which we hope will continue and enable us to get some sleep.

In other news, we have now completed our short course of three (2 hour) surfing lessons, which we really enjoyed. We could not believe how physically demanding it was, and we were completely exhausted after each lesson! The lessons were excellent, and we both managed to stand on our board and ride a few waves. It is something that we would like to practice further, so we are now looking into buying our own board(s).

Tomorrow we are off to a friend’s birthday party, and then we leave Sydney on Tuesday morning. Our first stop is to collect some mosquito screens for our van, so that we can leave all doors and windows open at night without getting attacked by bugs. Then we continue south to Jervis Bay (where we spent Christmas), Batemans Bay and Canberra, before crossing into the state of Victoria a week or two later. In Victoria we are looking forward to exploring Melbourne, and taking the ferry across to Tasmania.

We have just ‘exceeded our daily limit’ for the free Internet access at the campsite, so we are back to using our hopeless dongle. We have loads of new photos to upload, but we will have to do this at another time.

We hope that you are all keeping well, and that you are seeing the back of the wintry weather?

Lots of love to everyone, Simon and Sarah xx


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