Farewell to Sydney and NSW.

We have now said our goodbyes to Sydney and NSW!

On Tuesday we hit the road, heading south, as we had said we would do in our previous blog. This morning we arrived in Canberra, which is the Australian capital city, and is based within the Australian Capital Territory. We have parked up the van, set the awning out, and we will be using public transport for the next few days to get us in and around the city.

We have loved the time that we spent in Sydney and will definitely return there. As we travel around Australia, we will be looking for the place where we would like to live and work for a while. Obviously, living in, or even remotely near to, a big city means that the price of property is somewhat inflated. This is something that we will have to bear in mind…

As promised, we have uploaded some new photos to our Flickr account, which you can see by clicking here. Enjoy…

Lots of love, the Poms Down Under xx


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