Japanese earthquake and tsunami

Good morning to you all.

It would seem that Mother Nature is still very angry about something, as she continues to unleash further natural disasters around the world!

We woke up to news this morning that Japan had been devastated by one of the strongest earthquakes in recent times, and that tsunami warnings had been issued for large parts of the Pacific basin. At some point yesterday, a tsunami alert was raised for Australia, although we are relieved to say that this alert has now been withdrawn.

We have had a good couple of days in the sunshine, and have attended the Caravan & Camping Show (my, how times change!), and had the oil and oil filter changed in the van, which is a regular requirement in order for us to maintain the validity of the warranty. At the caravan show we purchased a solar panel so that we can power our electrical items (fridge, laptop, etc) for free whilst we are on our travels. We are having it fitted by a nice English guy when we arrive in Adelaide in mid-April.

Today we are off to explore the Mornington Peninsula, and to look into the possibility of doing some fishing lessons and a PADI scuba diving course over the next few days. We are also planning a trip up to Arthur’s Seat this evening, to enjoy the views and watch the sunset.

We have had a technical issue with the photo library on our computer, and this has caused a delay in us uploading more photos to Flickr and producing the next release from Pickle Productions. We hope to have this fixed shortly.

Lots of love to everyone back home, and our thoughts go out to everyone that have been affected by the dreadful earthquake. At times like these you realise just how lucky you are to be alive and well…



2 responses to “Japanese earthquake and tsunami

  1. Hi Sez

    God you really are having a hold on the weather on your travels.Lol

    Sounds like you’re having the most amazing time..Can’t imagine you ever returning back to these sunny climes-not!!

    Just keep filling us in with all your amazing stories.I feel like I’m back there travelling with you….a bit of nostalgia.Ah!

    Love Lese lese

    • Hi Lese Lise, I’m glad you’re enjoying our blog. We are having a great time out here and we have just booked to watch the Penguin Parade on Phillip Island tomorrow night so we are really excited about that. I hope things are ok with you in the sunny UK. 🙂
      Take care,

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