Just a quick update…

G’day from sunny Perth…

It’s been about two months since our last update. Since then we have said goodbye to one set of visitors, and we have been making the final arrangements for the arrival of the next lot. And Simon turned 30 – the big 3-0!

Firstly, thanks again to everyone that sent birthday cards and gifts – Simon had a great birthday and was spoilt rotten! Sarah treated us to a weekend away in Margaret River, which is a wine region in Western Australia and is about a 3-hour drive south of Perth. You will have heard us rave on about the various beaches that we have seen on our travels, but the beaches in the south west of Australia are, without doubt (almost), the best that we have ever seen! The beaches in the Maldives were incredible, but the beaches here (also in the Indian Ocean) are just as good, if not better. Then there is the awesome food and wine! We are really looking forward to showing you around the Margaret River region one day…

Back in Perth, and on the night of Simon’s birthday, we ate at Rockpool, which is a restaurant run by an Australian chef, Neil Perry. It is one of the best restaurants in town and we enjoyed fantastic cocktails, a great bottle of red, and the most incredible steak.

Sarah has also treated Simon to a trip back to the UK later in the year, and we are now really looking forward to spending Christmas with everybody. We’re not entirely sure how we will cope with going from the heat of the Perth summer to the cold of the UK winter, but I’m sure we’ll survive – especially as we’ll still be able to enjoy the last couple of months of the Perth summer when we return to WA in January.

But first we are looking forward to our next holiday, and catching up with more of the family. This time next month we will already be one week into our 3-week tour of the east coast, where we will be climbing Sydney Harbour Bridge, watching the sunset over Uluru, diving at the Great Barrier Reef and enjoying the bright lights of the Gold Coast. Unfortunately there is not enough time for us to squeeze in a trip to WA, but we look forward to welcoming them all to Perth another time.

In other news, we are currently experiencing our seventh heat wave (three or more consecutive days of temperatures above 35 degrees C, apparently…) since November, and although we are now officially into Autumn, we are expecting another heat wave this week. We have also changed our minds about buying a scooter, and are now looking to purchase a car after our holiday.

Anyway, we promised a quick update but have rambled on more than we thought we would. We hope all is well with everyone back in the UK; Happy Birthday to Rach – we’re thinking of you and hope you have a lovely day.

So, that’s it from us for now. We’ll leave you with a light hearted look of Perth…

Lots of love, Sarah and Simon xx



2 responses to “Just a quick update…

    • Pleased to read your latest blog…didn’t quite understand the Youtube at the end! Much prefer “Pickle Productions!” Love XXXX

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