Sarah and Simon are the aforementioned Poms Down Under, from Surrey in South East England, childhood sweethearts and married for more than five years.

Travel has always played an important part in their lives, and their holidays have taken them across North America, South and South East Asia, as well as Europe. However, backpacking and “travelling on a shoestring”, has never really played a part in their travels. Until now…

In November 2010 they sold up and took to the air, heading down under to Australia, with the plan of backpacking around this vast and foreign land before spending some time living as expats in their favourite part of the country.

In May 2011, the Poms settled in Perth, making it their home until they are ready to move on and explore more of Australia or the rest of the world.

This blog will keep you informed of their progress, so hit the ‘Sign me up’ button and you’ll receive an email whenever they publish an update. You can also keep track of their movements around the country via their interactive travel map.

With ambitions of learning new skills – such as surfing, scuba diving and playing the didgeridoo, meeting new people and exploring new places, will the grass be greener on the other side of the world?

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